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My first contribution to Gangsterverse. I hope it's half as good as the rest of them have been.
Oh, and the guy mentioned in the end is Kovacs because Alison told me I could use him. *grin*

Caley sat at the bar, hat pulled down low over her eyes as she scanned the crowded speakeasy. Business had picked up quite a bit in the time she'd been gone and it seemed like they'd all come to see McCloy's new songbird. Her attention slid to the opening door just in time to see McCloy and his pet walk in. He looked in a foul mood already and she prayed he wouldn't notice her. With any luck his partner wouldn't be far behind and she could deal with him instead.

She'd been sent out on a job two days ago, and had spent most of yesterday trying to catch up with McCormack. You can't really report to the boss when the boss is never in his office. Caley was getting tired of chasing him all over town just to inform him that a troublesome client had taken a swan dive off the roof of his brownstone. He'd know by now anyway since it'd made front page in all the papers. But rules were rules and when a job was done you reported in or faced the consequences. She may be the rebel of the family, but Caley knew better than to press her luck on something like this.

Caley waited, looking for her opportunity to do what was necessary and get out of there, but it didn't come. McCormack was nowhere to be seen as the Songbird took the stage for her second set of the night. There was nothing for it, Caley'd have to deal with McCloy in order to get the matter settled tonight. She reached across the bar and grabbed a clean napkin before fishing a pen from her jacket pocket and beginning to scribble. The moment the set was over, Caley grabbed a passing waitress and told her to deliver the napkin along with another of whatever McCloy was drinking to his table immediately.

She watched as the girl placed the drink on the table in front of him, turning to point back at Caley when he asked where it'd come from. His eyes scanned the note and when he looked over his shoulder to the bar, Caley pulled off her hat and let her red hair fall free down her back before raising her own glass in a mock salute. On her hand a large diamond pinky ring glittered in the dim lights and even at that distance it was easy to distinguish the two snakes that made up the band. There was no mistaking who that ring had once belonged to.

She drained the last of the whiskey from her glass and reached for her discarded hat. She knew McCloy well enough to be certain that he wouldn't ask for details in public like this. He hated using her for jobs already and preferred to leave dealings with the 'Irish bitch' to his partner whenever possible. After all, who'd ever hear of a female assassin anyway. It made no difference if she was good at it or not.

Caley stood, dropped some bills on the bar to pay her tab, and headed for the door, sidestepping with just enough time to avoid being run down by a man more interested in watching the waitresses than where he was going. Instinct took over and her fist went flying back into his side and she smiled when she heard the resulting grunt of pain. She paused just long enough for him to turn before settling the hat back on her head and walking out into the night.
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